About me

about-me Born on 9th of September, after finishing the high school of design, I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts  in Belgrade, department of costume design.

Ever since early childhood one of my biggest fascinations were dolls and fairy tales, and now I feel that not much has changed since that time. I loved dressing up my dolls and making up characters and stories of my own, or just recreating the fairytales I was in love with.

I realize I was always fascinated with a female body and the movement of the fabric, and the way that clothes can tell a certain story or create a certain atmosphere.

Later, when I discovered the world of movies and theatre , I realized that clothes and costume making is the only thing I want to do.

Also, one of the most important influences for my creative work was discovering  the world of Divas– singers, or actresses, or just women who had attitude, I felt like they were also playing up characters and telling stories, and in one way or another, they were those queens and princesses and female warier from the fairytales. They also introduce me to the world of glamour,  that I still find very appealing.

I fell in love with the idea that with each collection or a piece of clothing you can express yourself, and make a statement, and tell a certain story, and of course, I always felt that love stories were the most important ones to tell. And that’s what I feel like I am doing when designing  a collection – telling a love story.
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From the first collection to this day, I feel like I combined all the things I felt were important and inspiring, and I created my own fantasy world. I feel like there is this one main female character who is growing up and transforming through the collections.  With the first collection- A Sorta Fairytale, that female character was an innocent and pure girl falling in love for the first time, and just enjoying  the purity of true emotions, and everything being very fairytale like. The second collection – A Part Of Your World followed that innocent girl realizing that there is much more to love then pink clouds and sky, and this time she sees the dark side, and grows up to be a more seductive and sensual character . In  the  Tragic Kingdom, that same woman falls into a state of melancholy and she realizes that all that is left for her is waiting for the prince charming, but she still remains graceful, and in that sorrow she turns into a royal character, and still owns that same sensuality and femininity. And in the No More  I Love Yous  she finally realizes that the waiting is over, and that mister perfect is never going to show up, and that none of her dreams came true, and she decides to bury all of her loved ones and become even more glamorous and transforms herself into this dramatic character, who is more beautiful than ever, but hiding behind the wail of sorrow. And that’s all about me.